Caterina Lombardi is a photographer who originates from Gloucestershire in the UK, but currently resides in Falmouth, Cornwall, where she is not too far off graduating from BA Photography. She started taking photograph’s back in 2009, after her mother, who always had a camera in hand, passed away. As it happened, one day when she was missing her, she picked up her mother’s camera to look at the last things she'd taken, and hasn't put it down since.


Caterina’s style has evolved dramatically over this period of time. She strives to create highly conceptual photograph’s, with the aim to communicate difficult ideas and encourage difficult conversations, such as issues surrounding a host of violent women’s right’s, climate change, and coping with loss. Whilst at university, she has gained invaluable experience with a wide range of photographic equipment, and is highly competent in the use of various softwares, such as Capture One, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Indesign.





2015/18 Falmouth University - BA  Photography




2018 - 

YOLK- Free Range, The Old Truman Brewery, London


2018 - 

Graduate Show - Institue of Photography, Falmouth


2017 - 

WHIP - The Gallery, Institue of Photography, Falmouth


2015 -

The Space Within - The Gallery, Institute of Photography, Falmouth